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TAPPY launches Wallet to help you enable your daily accessories

Press release

TAPPY launches Wallet to help you enable your daily accessories into a payment device and more.

Oct 19, 2022 – Tappy Technologies, a Canada-based wearable technology company today launches Tappy Wallet and Tappy Digital Card which allow users to enable their battery-less accessories into a payment, access, or event ticket pass in just a few minutes. Users can now enjoy the convenience brought by Tappy’s tokenization technology in their daily lives without bringing multiple payment cards, access cards, or event tickets in their physical wallets.

Tappy has existing wearable product line for its consumer brand partners. It leverages a global standard Secure Element Chip for embedding it into any battery-less accessories like leather straps, coffee mugs, silicone wristband, rings and key fobs, making them a payment and access enabled device. The Secure Element Chip is certified by Visa and Mastercard, so users can make payments at any merchants that accept contactless payments including fast-food shops, coffee shops, grocery stores, retail pharmacies, vending machines, taxis, transit, and more. Timex Pay Watch and strap enabled by Tappy can be purchased online from Timex, Amazon, Costco, Walmart and Best Buy.

Users can add multiple wearables from participating consumer brands, add payment cards, view transactions, and lock/unlock the wearables in case of lost/stolen scenario, all from one single Tappy Wallet app. It is available for both iOS and Android phones. Tappy also provides an option for US users to apply for a Tappy Digital Prepaid Card using the Tappy Wallet with instant approval and no credit check.

“It’s pretty straightforward, users buy any practical accessories which are enabled by Tappy, that fit their style and daily routines, add any supported payment cards and start to enjoy a secure and convenient payment experience. Our wearables can be leveraged for access control and sports events season pass beyond payments,” said Tappy Technologies CEO Wayne Leung.

“With the launch of Tappy Wallet, Banks can take advantage of having their cards available for payments on a huge list of well-known consumers brands, and it is an opportunity for Banks to become the preferred card of purchase. Our wearable is always ready to pay, it doesn’t have battery or require charging and they are easily accessible than the phone or the wallet in your pocket” Wayne added.

Consumers can use one single Tappy Wallet mobile application to manage all their payment enabled wearable devices. Tappy Wallet is now available in App store and Google Play.

About Tappy Technologies

Tappy Technologies is the world's leading device payment enabler, providing secure, convenient, and contactless payment solutions to leading global banks as well as fashion & consumer electronic brands. Tappy is a Visa/MasterCard approved Token Requestor TSP (Token Service Provider) allowing it to onboard and enable its partners’ wearable devices to perform contactless payments and other custom use cases. Tappy's digital offerings and hardware white label solutions are fully trusted and certified by industry standards including PCI and EMVCo.

Tappy specializes in the development of wearable products & accessories that incorporate payment chips (Flexitags, Microtags, Minitags) and related technology which can be utilised to transforming Wearables to TAPable.

For more information, please contact:

Tappy Technologies Ltd

Ms. Bonnie Chan

Mr. SW Kwok

Tappy Wallet

Download Tappy Wallet at Apple Store here / Google Play here

Making wearable payment capable

Timex Pay Watch and watch strap


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