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Welcome to the Metaverse Asia Expo 2022!

Our Expo features three thematic zones for participants to explore the Opportunities and the Future of the Metaverse. They are namely Metaverse Technology, Capital, Fund & Accelerator, and Use Cases plus ESG.

In the Metaverse Technology zone, we have Network & Computing Infrastructureto discover more advancements in computing technologies that make the Metaverse experiences more immersive. An Economic Infrastructure that will allow you to understand more the implications of the digital activities conducted in the virtual ecosystem and the massive opportunities available. You will also have access to Hardware, enabling you to break down the differing technologies in development that support the evolving Metaverse. Virtualization Tools focus on enhancing users’ visual and 3D experiences whereas Virtual Worlds will allow participants to glare in awe at the multitude of beautiful Metaverse(s) that exist and the limitless potential in creating one’s own experiences.

Within the Capital, Fund & Accelerator zone, we take a deep dive into the financial opportunities presented by the explosive emergence of Metaverse as a buzzword and where companies can find capital and apply for funds through accelerator programs.

Finally, inside the Use-Cases (plus) + ESG zone, participants can study use-cases that have been established within the Metaverse and take a look at the abundant opportunities that exist in relation to ESG matters.


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