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Dr. Kyle Wong gets ready for the Metaverse Asia Expo 2022

Metaverse is a combination of VR/AR, Cryptos, 3D design, motion capturing technologies. Metaverse allows users to communicate, play games and collaborate in the virtual world. It allows user around the globe the work together seamlessly, build digital two to try out new factory design before actually building it and to communicate in the same virtual location while spread across the world. It is a new technology and new use cases are being developed every day. Metaverse is already huge in the B2C market as we can see the explosive growth of MMO games such as Minecraft and Roblox. But Enterprise is increasing adopting Metaverse technology in design, training and sales.

According to a new market research report published by Global Market Estimates, the Global Metaverse in Gaming Market is projected to grow from USD 36.81B in 2022 to USD 710.21B in 2027. Metaverse is going to transform many businesses and create new business models. Companies need to adopt the technology or all be left behind.

In the Asia Metaverse Expo we want to educate the public

* The current status of the Metaverse

* The growing trends

* The business opportunities

* The essential skill sets

* How many Asian companies already build their business around Metaverse

* Major Players

* The major Tech domains involved in the Metaverse

* Why Metaverse is one of the most disruptive technologies in the 21st century?

* How can we participate in the Metaverse?”


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