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Metaverse For Education: How AI, Metaverse & Web 3.0 work together

On May 23rd, the University of Hong Kong extended an esteemed invitation to Dr. Kyle Wong, President of the Association of Blockchain Development (ABCD), and Dr. Amanda Lim, Project Supervisor at the University of Manchester Global MBA, and the Founder & Director of ACH Worldwide Limited, to participate as guest speakers in an enlightening discourse on the topic of "Metaverse for eCommerce." In this dynamic exchange, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse emerged as a focal point, offering profound insights into the future of digital innovation.

The discourse illuminated the transformative potential of AI within the Metaverse, where advancements are reshaping the digital landscape. From the augmentation of Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with heightened intelligence to the utilization of digital twins in enterprise Metaverse environments, the scope for innovation appears boundless.

A notable highlight of the discussion was the unveiling of NVIDIA's groundbreaking Blackwell chips, boasting an impressive 208 billion transistors. Jensen Huang's revelation regarding the chip's capability to achieve processing speeds hundreds of times faster than before underscored the seismic shift in AI processing power. This technological breakthrough holds immense promise for the Metaverse, particularly in elevating user experiences and catalyzing innovation in eCommerce.

Furthermore, attention was drawn to the remarkable AI Colleagues project, spearheaded by Normsun & Co and developed by GreatMeta Limited. This initiative exemplifies the transformative potential of AI in redefining collaboration and interaction within virtual environments. By harnessing AI technologies, Normsun has pioneered a pioneering approach to enhance productivity and foster collaboration within the Metaverse.

The collaborative efforts of esteemed speakers Dr. Wong and Dr. Lim enriched the discourse with depth and insight. Leveraging Dr. Wong's expertise in blockchain development and Dr. Lim's extensive experience in project supervision and entrepreneurship, they navigated the forefront of digital innovation, uncovering new insights and revelations along the way.

As the exploration of AI and the Metaverse continues to evolve, the discourse remains an ongoing journey of discovery. Stay tuned for further insights and revelations as this discourse shapes the future of eCommerce and beyond. For speech content, please view:

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