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NFTIV Shares How Businesses Grab Web3 Opportunities on Metaverse

NFTIV Shares How Businesses Grab Web3 Opportunities on Metaverse Asia Expo 2022

Press release

Hong Kong, 17 Oct 2022 - Web3 business opportunities are no longer out of reach! Cyberport startup NFT Investment & Venture (NFTIV) participated in the first Metaverse Asia Expo and shared how its platform helps business owners transition into Web3 without the need for coding skills.

NFT enables the property transactions that drive the metaverse. However, the concept of NFT itself revolves around smart contracts, blockchain infrastructure, and payment gateway; and technical barriers have been limiting brands from maximizing their commercial feasibility at the moment, hence slowing down the development of Web3.

NFTIV as the Shopify of NFT Platform - Simple, Fast, and Cost-effective

During the first Metaverse Asia Expo, which kicked off at Cyberport and Metaverse on the 17th of October 2022, NFTIV, one of the exhibitors, presented Anthony Leung the co-founder & CTO, and Vincent Lau, the CEO & co-founder of NFTIV as the keynote speakers on " NaaS for Businesses and Individuals - Codeless Experience to Create Your Own NFTs”.

Vincent Lau, the CEO & co-founder of NFTIV, said: "Blockchain provides new technologies, NFTs and the Metaverse provide opportunities to create wealth and to change lives. The arrival of the wave of digital assets like e-commerce 10 years ago, drives the market with opportunities and new motivation. By creating the Shopify version of the NFT platform, NFTIV helps brand owners, creators, designers, and entrepreneurs to cross the technical threshold and focus more on creative ideas and expanding brand influence.”

"Our technology enables different users to create and own NFT Collections without coding knowledge; users can also use Visa and Mastercard to purchase NFTs. The seamless user experience leads everyone into the web3 era effortlessly," the Co-founder and CTO of NFTIV, Anthony Leung mentioned.

NFTIV Continues to Expand its Influence

On the first anniversary of its establishment, NFTIV has been certified as a Cyberport Incubation Project (CIP). Through the program, NFTIV has worked with different brands and leaders by providing Web3 solutions and co-created the NFT Lab with VTC THEi to cultivate young talents in education and technology. Throughout the year, NFTIV has already collaborated with well-known clients including 9gag, Asia Crypto Girls, and Mr. Kho Fuk-Lung - the Hong Kong Comic Legend.

At the same time, NFTIV has also shown its prominence in the new entrepreneurial field, winning awards including CAHK STAR Awards for the Best New and Future Enterprise Excellence Award; NEXXCREATE Awards for Top 10 Excellence In Start-up Innovation; Maker in China - Top 50 Finalist SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest Hong Kong Chapter, and more.

Furthermore, NFTIV will continue to drive the revolution of Web3 and improve humanity with technologies by expanding its technology and services to a wider range of industries such as animations, SDGGreen, Asian sports, NFT online games, Kung Fu, Art, Luxury Goods, and many more. To learn more about the company and how NFTIV can help you, please visit NFTIV’s booth during Metaverse Asia Expo, or visit


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