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Press Release: The First Metaverse Asia Expo

Opening of First Metaverse Asia Expo Participants across Asia attended the Expo, Explore huge opportunities in Metaverse

(17 October 2022, Hong Kong) The inaugural Opening ceremony of the first-ever five-day Metaverse Asia Expo (the Expo) with an overarching theme of "Metaverse Opportunities and Our Future" was held successfully today at Cyberport, Hong Kong, and Metaverse today, which aroused participant-visits across Asia on the first day. Together with the organizer and various professional bodies, Dr Chan Pak- li Bernard, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government, attended the opening ceremony to experience the innovative business operation model of Metaverse Asia Expo.

Dr Chan Pak-li Bernard, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government and the officiating speaker of the Expo, said in his opening remark, ‘As Hong Kong is entering the post-pandemic recovery, it is unprecedentedly important for businesses to explore the vast opportunities in Metaverse. HKSAR Government has been closely monitoring the application of different key technology domains, including Metaverse. We will continue to formulate policy and measure on a timely basis to help different trades in innovative technology application.

Following the opening remark of Dr Bernard Chan is an array of symposiums featuring Metaverse with a view to enhancing understandings of corporates and citizens towards the concept of Metaverse and key topics comprise Business Opportunities and Segment Capital Market in Metaverse as well as the Education in the Metaverse Age. One of the panels (Vietnam GameFi in the Metaverse) are even held at Vietnam which proves the Expo is truly an international event by reviewing the Vietnamese finance of gamification.’

At the first panel session regarding Business Opportunities in Metaverse, speakers, including Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport and Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC, and others explored how the metaverse creates opportunities in areas of art, sports technology, e- commerce, venture capitals, entertainment, customer service. Mr Eric Chan said, ‘Metaverse presents profound new ways for people to communicate, interact and engage with the world and exhibits the potential to revolutionize everything from finance, business, education, architecture art sports and entertainment so much more. Although Metaverse is just beginning to take shape, its vast potential has attracted much attention globally from technology innovators, business leaders, investors, government, and general public. It also provides incentives for the industry to upgrade and transform through new business model.’

Mr. Patrick Lau said, ‘Metaverse is part of digital economy and digital transformation. Metaverse is an entirely new macro system, and we envisage it will impact our whole economy by driving changes in different sectors and industries. It can potentially create a trillion dollars of opportunities and we encourage all Hong Kong companies to look at Metaverse economy. With our key strength as a gateway to connect to GBA and the rest of Mainland, we are well positioned to be regional strategic hub of Metaverse economy and will encourage everyone to embrace this opportunity.’

Dr. Kyle Wong, President of Association of Blockchain Development, the moderator of this session, said, ‘According to the latest market research, the Metaverse market is worth US$824.53B globally in 2021. It is expected to reach US$5T in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 39.1%. As a result, it is critical for companies to develop unique Metaverse strategies to keep up with the rapidly-evolving business trend. Today, we are glad to gather representatives from public and private sectors to explore business opportunities in Metaverse.’

Another keynote panel session, Education in the Metaverse Age, has explored how Metaverse can enhance learning experience of students and showcased the latest technologies and application. Dr Amanda Lim, Convenor of the Expo and moderator of this session, said, ‘Education is the key to knowledge development and our future. Education can unlock the opportunities of Metaverse. Key technologies of Metaverse including AI, blockchain, AR, VR, XR, IOTs, 3D modeling, sensor, edge computing, Web 3.0, etc. can create a comfortable environment for classes, research, experiments, and projects. All these activities can happen in real-time, allowing students and instructors from all over the world to interact in the same virtual space.’

There are two exhibition zones at the Expo with Metaverse technology and ESG / Use-cases / Funds as theme separately. Almost hundred exhibitors with booths can operate in different time to facilitate participation from different time zones. The Expo has met great enthusiasm from Asian exhibitors, ranging from technology, finance, start-ups to Metaverse ecosystem etc., including some of the renowned, large-scale enterprises, such as Virtway, Tappy, Newsight Imaging and PWC. Exhibitors will have the chance to showcase their latest products and technologies.

This novel Expo is supported by various professional organizations, including the Association of Blockchain Development (ABCD), Asia CEO Community, GBX, Allinial Global, HKTDC, Cyberport, InvestHK and GBA Carbon Neutrality Association etc.

The Expo will be continued tomorrow (18 October) at Cyberport, Hong Kong, and Metaverse with a broad theme of Carbon Neutrality, Mainland China and Greater Bay Area (GBA). Mr. Dennis Wu, Founding President of GBACNA, will deliver a keynote speech to welcome keen participants. For details, please see Appendix.

The first Metaverse Asia Expo will be held through Metaverse and Cyberport O2O (online to offline) synchronously.

Key Information


17 – 21 October 2022 ( Monday to Friday )

Time: Opening ceremony for Shanghai and GBA 18 October – 10 a.m. ( Media registration: 9:30 a.m. )


( On-site ) Multifunction Room 1-3, Core E, L3, Cyberport 3 ( Online ) Metaverse ( Registration link: )


Keynote speeches and discussions by industry leaders sharing hot topics in Metaverse. Booths for transnational innotech enterprises displaying latest product and technology

Key attendees:

⚫ Dr Chan Pak-li Bernard, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, HKSAR Government

⚫ Amir Lati, Consul General of Israel to Hong Kong and Macau SAR

⚫ Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport

⚫ Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC

⚫ King Leung, Head of Fintech of InvestHK

⚫ Dennis Wu, Founding President of GBA Carbon Neutrality Association

Event website:

Media registration and enquiry:

Louis Kwong +852 6775 6754 ( A-World Consulting )


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