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The Association of the Blockchain Development is formed!

Freshly-formed in the height of 2018, the Association of Blockchain Development’s (ABCD) committee is witness to how cryptocurrency and blockchain interests have spanned across many disciplines. With blockchain-integrated theories and practices leading to disruptive breakthroughs in many research areas, as well as bringing in broad scale influences across various industries throughout society, ABCD launches as a non-profit blockchain organisation poised to be the education-centric hub. It aims to foster the culture of innovation, research and development, education and collaboration between well-versed blockchain experts and new-generation crypto enthusiasts in the blockchain ecosystem.

ABCD’s Team In the Spotlight

Team Members

2nd Meeting — From Left: Mr.Tony Au, Mr.Kerry Gan, Mr.Rex Wong,Dr. Amanda Lim, Miss.Florence Ip, Dr.Kyle Wong

The committee includes several prominent executives spanning tech, legal and financial sectors. It is chaired by Dr. Kyle Wong, who holds a PhD in Engineering Physics from Cornell University Graduate School and demonstrated a history of working in emerging technologies development ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Another key founding member includes Mr. Kerry Gan, CEO of, who is a veteran in the ICO space with ample experience in kicking off blockchain journeys from the ground up, and who has offered valuable advice to a multitude of projects along the way.

ABCD is also honoured to have Mr. Tony Au, the CEO of JUST MMA, and Mr. Rex Wong (CFA, AICPA), founder and chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Industry Association, playing active roles in putting forward the development of blockchain in mainstream commerce.

In addition, Dr. Amanda Lim, Director at ACH Worldwide Limited, and Ms Florence Ip (CFA), Bloomberg Dealing and Money Market Specialist, will bring in their expertise to provide legal advices and academic insights in the blockchain realm.

Supported by the Academic Community

ABCD aims to be backed by every academic community around the world. At present, it has already garnered the support of top-tier academic facilities such as Hong Kong University and Peking University. ABCD firmly believes its influence and footprint can make waves globally and positively change the landscape of blockchain education.

ABCD’s Objectives

1. Regulation and Compliance

ABCD is committed to clarify the legal misunderstandings between different stakeholders in the blockchain community, successively improving companies’ ability to resolve compliance issues and addressing new compliance and regulatory requirements.

2. Blockchain Economy

Blockchain is emerging as a transformational force to the world’s financial systems, and ABCD’s professionals are here to gather industry insights and updates to determine the areas that stand to benefit the most when powered by this technology.

3. Technology

The true value of cryptocurrency lies at the heart of its underlying technology. ABCD aims to collaborate with tech companies, labs and tertiary institutions to streamline and encourage adoption of blockchain technology.

4. Applications

With all the use cases the revolutionary blockchain technology offers, ABCD aims to consolidate the academic and various industries’ efforts to construct a dynamic platform for all participants such as vendors, developers and users in real-world applications.

ABCD’s Mission

With a vision to set a new education standard across the Asia-Pacific region and promote blockchain development for the next generations of talent, ABCD hopes to be an unprecedented impetus to ensure that the talent supply pool can keep up with the exponential growth in blockchain technological demands. In addition, ABCD aims to create the best practices for industries to adopt and pave the way to a brighter blockchain future. is proud to be a key player in the formation of ABCD, and we are looking forward to help shape the blockchain landscape together with the rest of the experienced committee. With joint effort, we can put forward the development of the crypto ecosystem on a sustainable level.


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