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CPA & clients will enjoy hassle free virtual working spaces

Metaverse is applicable to CPAs ranging from hassle free virtual working spaces to client and staff engagement as well as team building. With the world of augmented reality, virtual reality and second digital selves (aka Avatars), everything from how work is being conducted, how customers behave and how people learn in the future will be affected.

For TEAM BUILDING & STAFF INTERACTIONS, staff from different locations can collaborate and meet in the Metaverse for the hiring process, training and even for general discussions. They can also engage themselves in gamified experiences for a more immersive feel.

To increase USER EXPERIENCES & ENGAGEMENT, 3D experiences can be utilized in product launch events and placements. Instead of presenting products in a traditional 2D PowerPoint, we can utilize elaborate virtual spaces to host the event, where design of spaces can be customized to the needs and wants of both stakeholders and clients involved.

In terms of a VIRTUAL WORKING SPACE, not many people can afford a physical space at home for a distraction free environment during times such as COVID where remote work is often enforced. Metaverse can solve this problem by enabling a spacious virtual space, offering people a way to focus-in on tasks that require their complete attention.

All in all, accounting and financial professionals would need to prepare and acquire adequate skills in order to interact in the Metaverse in terms of business, legal and technological aspects.


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