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How much is an NFT?

Written by Ms. Florence Ip

Mar 2021 was a month of NFT Carnival, and Crypto people fell into fever.

On 11 Mar 2021, Christie’s, the big traditional auction house recorded a single digital art sold at USD 69,346,250. The art, which did not exist in physical form, was created by Mike Winklemann whose pseudonym ‘Beeple’ and minted as NFT on 16 February. He stitched his daily creations in his past 13 and a half years together into one whole piece and called it ‘Everydays: The Frist 5000 days’. Every individual piece can be zoomed in to reveal picture. All a sudden, many news reporters discussed about the auction sale and NFT gains huge attention from mainstream.

Who are trading NFT?

High tech celebrities also enjoyed the fun, too. The Co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, published his first tweet and minted it into NFT. His first NFT tweet was sold at USD 2.9million. The world’s richest guy, Elon Musk, made song about NFT and sold it as an NFT. His fans just bought like crazy. Furthermore, his wife Grimes, who is an Electro-pop musician, sold her NFT digital art collection called “WarNymph” as an NFT last month for USD6.3 million in 20 minutes.

Other sale in NFTs

Some other NFT products also performed very well at the same time. 3LAU sold digital album and digital goods for U$11 million. LeBron James’ Slam dunk NFT digital clip was sold at USD 200,000. Logan Paul sold his NFT video clips, which could be watch on youtube for free, for upto USD 20,000. A small digital art called Gucci ghost was sold at USD3,600. Lastly but not the least, a green CryptoKitty, was sold at USD 600,000. However, the Deeper Labs gave a reminder that most of the CryptoKitties were not sold at high price. Only the special creatures were expensive.

Anyway, there are few albums very popular, performing persistently over a year. Their bid/ask prices, historical data and trading volume are listed on NFT marketplaces’ websites. The NFT market capitalisation of CryptoPunks collections has been going for over USD 119.9million.


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