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The First Metaverse Asia Expo Experience on Live! F-U-G-U-E

The First Metaverse Asia Expo that offers MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified & Use-Case Experience on Live!” (FUGUE)

Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 (17 OCT 2022 – 21 OCT 2022) (“MAE2022”)

It is “The “First” Metaverse Asia Expo that offers MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified & Use-Case Experience on Live!” Let explore more about “Metaverse Opportunities & the Future” through supporting and joining our MAE2022. Can messages and Contents easily get viral and get ONE MILLION viewers?

Gucci Story:

Gucci hosted a two-week art installation aimed at building brand awareness among young customers at their virtual Gucci Garden in May 2021 on the metaverse platform “Roblox”. The "Gucci Experience" allows only 20 people to enter one virtual shop at a time. They have several virtual shops running at the same time. During the event, more than 1,000,000+ visitors in total! Also, there are over tens millions of viewers on their social media browsing the related content afterwards. The number is still growing! (1)&(2)

MAE2022 Story:

Metaverse Asia Expo is the first Asian EXPO organised on Metaverse platforms. There will be more than 3 metaverse platforms showcased in the Event. Joining metaverse as an Avatar, we can have 50 avatars in each exhibition space at a time and up to 20 virtual spaces for the expo. Metaverse avatars can travel from one space to another space through a teleporter. We have 30 live channels to broadcast the exhibiting activities in the metaverse. So, the live shows will be watched by 1,000 people in each channel online; and those viewers, 30,000 in total, can also communicate with exhibitors too. Therefore, we can welcome more than 10K+ people to join the Event at any one time. Total cumulative visitors can be over 100K+. Through content podcasting, the number of views of each content will increase over time as the messages will be disseminated and shared around. In no time, will it reach ONE MILLION (1M) views?

Unique Multi-Metaverse experience

Metaverse Asia Expo “MAE2022” is built on Multi-Metaverse platforms for the unique hybrid experience on onsite, metaverse & online. Metaverse Auditorium, Exhibition Halls and Premium Spaces will be available. Roblox space and other selected Metaverse spaces will be used for gamified activities in this event. The MAE2022 gamified experience will attract attendees from over 20 countries and create revenue enhancing opportunities for participants!

Nike Story:

Nike has created a Roblox virtual world, NIKELAND, that enables fans to connect, create, share experience, and compete. Since its launch in Nov 2021 and till Mar 2022, NIKELAND has attracted 6.7 million people around 224 countries. Nike Digital contents now represent 26% of its total Nike Brand revenue (4).

MAE2022 Story:

Gamification is the addition of game-like elements to experiences which traditionally do not involve fun or game. Clients feel more inviting and engaging, so that users will actively participate. Sponsors or exhibitors supporting the MAE2022 may enjoy the engagement with your targets / prospects / clients through gamified experiences that improve overall intimacy and emotional experiences.

Nike gamified experience helps it get attractions from over 200 countries and earn 33% more revenue? Our MAE2022 covering invitations over 20 countries (note 1) may help companies to gain more revenue through the support and participation.

(Note 1: Asia CEO chapters coverage and ABCD Metaverse chapter coverage)

Use-Case experience in Metaverse

71% of executives say that the metaverse will be good for business, and 42% say it will be “breakthrough” or “transformational” (3). Are you one of the 71% ready for ground-breaking transformation of your business in the metaverse?

Matterport Story:

A number of Metaverse business use cases involve replacing the real space work with the virtual space work. Matterport, which was founded in 2011, is the leader in camera technology that creates “digital twins” the virtual representation of physical spaces. It has market capitalisation over USD 1.4B and its annual profit increases 2,603% as of Jun 2022. (Google Finance, June 2022).

MAE2022 Story:

Are you ready to experience your Metaverse use case? Be our sponsor, rent a booth or be a visitor? Is Meeting your clients at a virtual booth just like at a physical booth? Instead of walking through the booths using your legs, use a mouse or joysticks. Will clients enjoy talking to your avatars in metaverse or to you in zoom? Let’s join our guests (executives and professionals) from over 20 countries to make the successful use cases together! You may lead your company to be the next USD1B company!

Let’s get a space or a ticket of MAE2022 and check out for more details.



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