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Who will join Metaverse Asia Expo 2022?

We are proud to present the First Metaverse Asia Expo on 17th to 21st of October. We have invited corporates, start-ups, funds, governments, executives, educators, and industry elites to gather in the Metaverse to discuss the Metaverse opportunities and use cases. Avatars can meet, network, and learn together. They can teleport from one Metaverse expo space to another Metaverse expo space in seconds. Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact, experience, transact and conduct business together. Metaverse Economy can be understood as the value created by economic activities in the Metaverse. These Metaverse economic activities drive production and consumption of goods and services in both virtual and real worlds. What are the technologies that bring our real world closer to our virtual world? How should one prepare for a better and more fun metaverse future? Let’s join the Metaverse Asia Expo together to get the answers!


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